1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Last time I heard, google dropped active sync support (or something like it) around 2012 and since then it isn't possible to sync calendar and contacts in os7, even with BIS. But recently I've read some people discussing just that, so maybe it's possible again. Does anyone have any info? Thx!
    05-19-15 12:15 AM
  2. damienR's Avatar
    It supports outlook calendar and contacts sync on my work phone "9300" Os6 Don't know about Google

    05-19-15 01:10 AM
  3. Prasanth Chunkath's Avatar
    yes it does.
    05-19-15 01:37 AM
  4. Soapm's Avatar
    I can't remember how but mines were sync'ing...
    05-19-15 01:53 AM

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