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    I searched the forums and couldn't find an answer. The older version of BeBuzz I used on my Bold allowed for PIN messages to have their own alert settings. I can't find any way to manage my PINs in the new version of BeBuzz I just downloaded for my Classic.

    Any help is appreciated.

    By the way, I also have Hub++ for my Classic, which does support PINs. My complaint about Hub++ is that the time setting for LED flashes is so restricted. The options are to turn off after a specific number of flashes (up to 50) or "never." Fifty flashes is about a minute, at my settings. So I have no options between turning off after one minute or never. Kind of a big gap!

    So I switched to BeBuzz to fix the timeout issue and can't find a PIN alert setting....
    01-25-15 08:57 AM
  2. H4zN's Avatar
    Contact the developer. If there's anyone able to answer your question(s), it's him/ her.

    Posted from the 'Classy' Classic!
    01-25-15 11:52 AM

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