1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hi, all at the link @bbapps.download.blackberry.com/Priv/bbry_qc8992_autoloader_user-na-att-AAF355.zip , where you can update the att blackberry priv manually if you are using a non-att sim card, it states to check the hash files for integrity.

    Trouble is the hash files appear blank, opening with notepad or another editor turns up nothing. It would have been simple for blackberry to simply list the hash code. Now of course they would want you to call customer support or make it difficult to contact the webmaster.

    The webpage @/global.blackberry.com/en/support/smartphones/blackberry-PRIV/reload.html doesn't list the hashes.

    Does anyone have the hashes or the hashfile that actually has the hash code inside it?
    08-05-16 09:58 AM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    No, but I did generate my own hashes for that file. It should be the same checksum.

    7560F5786AF7783D26ABF9AEA3543575 bbry_qc8992_autoloader_user-na-att-AAF355.zip
    520057C0047A61A5DFFE1855CE358A955D919750 bbry_qc8992_autoloader_user-na-att-AAF355.zip
    E5170E99111695180CBC2AE0E3A51BC2B0DC774EDCACC22086 2F85A82DC7307A bbry_qc8992_autoloader_user-na-att-AAF355.zip
    08-05-16 10:08 AM

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