1. JSmith422's Avatar
    Trying to figure out if there is a problem with my device, or if it's "just the way it is."

    Do you get T-Mobile LTE signal while actively on a call?

    Mine immediately drops to a 4G signal when on a call and comes right back to LTE when the call ends. It's still usable (12.5mbs), but it's no LTE.

    T-Mobile says LTE while on a call is a supported feature, but since they don't support blackberry, they don't know if it works or not.

    Would love to hear you experiences. Thanks.

    Posted via CB10
    04-06-17 05:46 PM
  2. joeldf's Avatar
    That's normal.

    Same thing on AT&T with my Z10.

    04-06-17 06:05 PM
  3. cbvinh's Avatar
    In Settings->Networks and Connections, Enhanced 4G LTE Services seems to only be Connected when in Wi-Fi Calling mode. As soon as the Mobile Network is activated, this becomes not connected, even with 4GLTE.

    Just another mystery for you...

    On T-Mobile with a Z30.
    04-06-17 07:22 PM

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