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    I'm very interested in a game called UNCANNY X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST that is now available on IOS, android and amazon app store. When I look it up online I see the game is available on amazon.ca but not on amazon store on my blackberry 10.3.1.

    Does that mean that the store we are using is not the same as amazon web app store?



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    03-27-15 09:41 PM
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    Some apps on amazon are not available to BlackBerry users. I don't think it is amazon doing it as much as the developer perhaps

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    03-27-15 10:09 PM
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    To get started, simply open the Amazon Appstore by selecting it on the Home screen of your smartphone.

    Get Android apps on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone! Download your favorite Android apps & games from the Amazon Appstore. - US
    03-27-15 10:11 PM
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    When a developer submits an app to Amazon App Store, the app is being "tested" for known compatibility issues, against different Android versions, and matched with different hardware. Then the developer get a list with devices the app will be supported on, and which not, and the developer can choose to select/deselect whichever he wants. Just as we can with BlackBerry World...

    So the appstore only show apps that has been tested to be compatible with- And developer opted support for....

    Running the appstore on different devices, can show different apps

    and also keep in mind the regions,... a developer can specify if there should be any restricted countries etc...

    Personally I Hate all about region controls. It prevents real competition, and is not for the good for the users. I believe it is all due to the big media industry who first divided the world into DVD regions as a way to control distribution,.. but today with Internet, there should be no borders or barriers. I am a globetrotter who travel to many different countries, and why should i only be able to enjoy certain services in certain countries, as long as there are no laws that would prevent it?

    anyway - the freedom to divide and conquer is in the hands of the developers, and the media industry....
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    03-27-15 10:41 PM

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