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    In quick settings I have an option to choose either of the profiles "Do Not Disturb" or "Bedside Mode" under the "Notifications" heading, what's the difference?

    Also, what is Meeting mode? Regular mode until i'm in a scheduled meeting via calendar app? Shouldn't there be an option to run this in the background so I can choose what I want it to do when i'm not in a meeting?

    Also, I can choose Bedside mode as a main toggle under quick settings, or a toggle under "Notifications" under quick settings... redundancy?
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    You can set Bedside Mode to activate in the Clock app settings. Options are:

    1. Wireless settings either on or off in Bedside Mode
    2. Battery Saving either on or off in Bedside Mode
    3. Bedside Mode Notification settings

    You can configure your Battery Saving settings to your needs and liking. Bedside Mode can be activated by swiping down on the lock screen, or by a tap on the Bedside Mode icon in Quick Settings (accessible after you swipe down in Active Frames, Hub, or app launch grid), or from your Notification Profiles settings screen.

    Meeting Mode is integrated with your Calendar. You can configure Meeting Mode to activate your Meeting Mode Notification Profile when the status for an event you have scheduled in your Calendar(s) is All, Busy, Tentative and Busy, or Busy with Participants.You can also set the Maximum Duration for Meeting Mode.

    I have Bedside Mode configured so that Wireless Connections are off. If I do decide to turn connections on, I have my Bedside Mode Notifications Profile configured so that only certain types of notifications will sound/vibrate and flash the LED. Otherwise, not much happens with my Bedside Mode Notifications Profile.

    I have Meeting Mode configured so that it activates when an event in my schedule is set with a Busy status. I also have it set to "No Limit," so that if I set an eight hour (or longer) event, the profile stays set to Meeting Mode for the duration unless I manually cancel it. You can manually cancel Meeting Mode any time it's active by swiping down from the top of the screen and toggling the Notification icon. Also, any customized Contact Alerts you have set will still notify according to their respective settings.
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    One more thing ...

    I have Do Not Disturb that came with my official Sprint os. Not all carrier os versions come with it. It's a cool Profile, because when you apply it no alerts will notify, not even customized Contact Alerts which will still notify in every other Profile (even Silent for example).
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    Great information, thanks.

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