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    All I am hearing is that the keys resemble that of a passport but when I grabbed my busted PRIV out and wiped off the dust I noticed that the keys looked more like the keys on the KEY2. Anyone else agree or otherwise? Is it because the PRIV was a failure that nobody really brings it up. I loved it by the way
    Attached Thumbnails Do The KEY2 Keys resemble the Passport more the the Priv-11183.jpg  
    06-10-18 08:48 AM
  2. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    Think of many of the Passport comparisons as coming from the vocal majority and not the silent majority. In this context, it's simple, many of those people never have moved on. It's time for them as PP isn't much for time with only 18 months left and things have been degrading sooner than expected.

    The PRIV and the KEYone were both good enough for many people to put their Passports in a while box somewhere. If the Key2 is the that replaces the Passport for the remaining holdouts, it's their rationalizations and perceptions. They have the right to have those rationalizations and perceptions but I don't think it diminishes the other devices in between Passport and Key2 either. Some things just didn't matter as much or went unnoticed because it was low priority for those who cared more about BBAndroid.
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    06-10-18 08:56 AM

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