1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    was told I would be getting a new passport for christmas however i was then told i would have to choose between a near 3 month old passport that my father has been using, although it is in mint condition i wanted a bnib device, alternatively i have the choice of getting a brand new classic. which should i choose?
    12-29-14 10:52 AM
  2. NamelessStar's Avatar
    i personally love my passport i love how it is a true blackberry in the sense of business like device but also has the specs that makes me use up time for gaming on the side when i am bored lol.
    12-29-14 10:55 AM
  3. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    Does your father use his mobile devices while sitting on the toilet?

    Lol... just kidding!

    Posted via CB10
    12-29-14 11:13 AM
  4. helalzone's Avatar
    Be intelligent, take a classic,use it for a month, then decide to stay with it or exchange it with your father's 4 months old Passport

    12-29-14 11:47 AM

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