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    I have both CIBC and TD bank mobile apps. I tried depositing a check using the E-deposit feature. Every time I tried to take a picture of the check, I wasn't able to properly fit the check in the app's guide box. It looked distorted; I would only be able to fit the top corners of the check in the box, and the bottom would only fit halfway.

    I also have the Keyring app which lets you load loyalty cards on your phone, and tried to take a pictures of the card, it wasn't even close fitting the cards inside that app's guide box. Looked really distorted.

    Taking pictures with the camera looks ok with no weird artifacts.
    I also have the Android CIBC and TD apps on my Z30, and I was able to use the E-deposit feature with no problems. The check properly fit between the 4 corners of the box in the app.

    Does anyone know if the camera needs to be calibrated, or do I have a faulty phone....?
    Thanks for your feedback/input/help.
    11-30-16 08:14 AM
  2. ahs71Z30's Avatar
    I complete forgot to include the model number: It's a Dtek 60 I recently purchased from ShopCrackberry....
    11-30-16 08:25 AM

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