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    I recently had an issue with my q10. I decided to back it up and perform a factory restore. I backed it up safely.

    my blackberry ID was and instantemail.t-mobile.co.uk email address which i no longer have access to as the account was discontinued by the network provider in 2013. I thought it would be best to change the blackberry ID to an email address that i had access to its inbox.

    I conducted the factory reset which returned the phone back to its original state. I then tried to restore the last back up.

    This is where i am met with the challenge. The software displayed an error message that my blackberry does not match the ID that was used to back up.

    Now i assume that this is because i changed my ID to and inbox that i have access to. i can not change it back as i no longer have access to the inbox to perform verification of change.

    Can anyone help with a method to resolve my issue?

    keep in mind that i want to restore unto the same devise. I can understand if it was a different devices that the encryption would prohibit, but its the same devise. i only changed the the ID to be on the safe side, the password is the same etc. .

    I would deeply appreciate the any help on offer.

    08-24-14 04:20 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    If you can't verify the BBID then you won't be able to restore. I hope someone has a way for you to restore your device.
    You need to use the BBID you used to make the backup.
    08-24-14 07:22 PM

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