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    The first day the update came out it told me to free up 1.55 GB, after doing that it told me it needed 2.2 GB to free up space I did that too. It couldn't download the update over my phone until I had about 4.5 GB free. Anyway I downloaded the update, it asked me if I wanted to proceed and up until this point the phone was working flawlessly I could make calls receive them and basically use the phone. It then took 2-3 hours to install the update whilst connected to a power source. After that my Z 10 completely crashed it started with a sign saying emergency calls only. The phone was lagging throughout the entire time. when I unplugged it from the power, it stopped charging after that and I had to charge the power with a separate power charger. I ofcourse did all the re-installation using my computer and restarting it without any help.

    I took it to my cellphone provider 'Rogers' to which they told me that I am out of warranty, didn't give me an actual reason why this happened to the phone and returned it back to me because I refused to buy another one.

    Did this problem happen with anyone else, am I supposed to contact blackberry about this and try to get them to fix my phone?
    03-23-15 10:18 AM
  2. Skatophilia's Avatar
    I'm with Rogers, although I did buy my Z10 from BlackBerry. Have you tried plugging it into your computer and doing a security wipe on it?
    03-23-15 10:22 AM

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