1. Jole Bogdanovic's Avatar
    How come every time I restart my phone the dialer app no longer shows names of the ppl I have in my phone book. It's like I don't have them in my phone book. But when I press the call someone the name starts to show for that person. If I want all names to show I have to attempt to call everyone?

    There is clearly something wrong with the app. Any other passport owners can confirm this? Or know a fix?

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    11-25-14 10:51 PM
  2. raysay's Avatar
    i have the same problem in q10 and blackberry support team does not seem to have any solution for it !!!! i have tried everything setting up the smart dialing, linking contacts, nothing has worked does anyone know what should be done???
    11-26-14 04:22 AM
  3. Jole Bogdanovic's Avatar
    In the dialer app there is a contacts section and that contacts section looks different and acts different then the contacts app. It's like they're two different apps.

    Posted with my new BlackBerry PassPort
    11-26-14 01:26 PM
  4. Jole Bogdanovic's Avatar

    Posted with my new BlackBerry PassPort
    11-26-14 04:17 PM
  5. campbecw's Avatar
    I've had this happen on and off. I'm sure it'll be fixed in the update coming shortly.

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    11-26-14 04:19 PM

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