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    I am trying to do a device switch from my old Z10 personal phone to a new Z30 work phone. Not very technically inclined, so having a hard time and many forums I can't understand what they're talking about.

    I have used my Mac to try to device switch using BlackBerry Link... can't be completed because BlackBerry IDs don't match and I can't make the ID on the old phone match the one on the new phone (says invalid password, but that's the correct password on the new device).

    I have also tried using the Device Switch app... but both the Z10 and Z30 think they're the device RECEIVING information from another device... I can't get the Z10 to give up data.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    07-16-14 12:05 AM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    Did your work already set up a BBID on the new Z30 before giving it to you?

    Typically the answer would be to wipe the Z30 to get rid of the different BBID, then Device Switch with Link so Z30 would have your original BBID, data, settings, apps, etc.

    But being a work phone, it might be set up differently. Do you know if your employer uses BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Service)? If so, it's possible your admin has a policy that blocks what you're trying to do. You'll have to ask them.

    One other thing you can try. Instead of a Device Switch per se, use Link to make a Backup of Z10. Disconnect Z10 and connect Z30. Attempt to Restore a Backup, obviously using the one you just made from your Z10. It probably won't allow that either, but worth a shot.
    07-16-14 01:54 AM
  3. FireChestApps's Avatar
    What data do you wish to transfer across?

    If you get no luck with Link then try the app "Backup Pro" from BlackBerry World.
    07-16-14 07:18 PM

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