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    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

    I've recently purchased a previously used Passport from eBay and thought device switching was gonna be a 'doddle' as it's been in the past.

    Quite the opposite unfortunately, my 'old' device is a z30 on which I've backed up, however the passport is on

    When I go to restore the backup file to my Passport, the contacts, accounts, calendar and settings aren't included due to the obvious reason, the backup file is based on a newer OS to that of the new device, the Passport.

    The issue is, each time I go to Software Update, there's none available, as with BlackBerry Link.

    Anyway around this?

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    05-09-15 02:43 PM
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    In response to my own post I have a work around and highly recommend anyone to keep at least several full back-ups precisely for the issue I'm having.

    Performed a custom restore for the settings, contacts etc only (without Application or Media Data) using a back-up based on an older OS than my Passport - thank goodness for keeping the last 6 back ups made!

    Then restored the media and applications based on the latest back-up. Not a complete fix but it'll do for now.

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    05-10-15 04:55 AM

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