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    Two days ago my BB Z10, that has now the version of the OS, started inform me that there is an update. It was 1,3 GB in size, I think.

    My OS has the language selection as Finnish, as I live in Finland. Therefore all text that I've gotten is translated here to English. They are therefore close to the original but not necessarily word-by-word.

    Anyway; as I didn't have wifi available at the time, I cut it out/declined the push notification. At that point I got the info that "if you disregard, the update needs to be downloaded from the beginning".


    So I got yesterday a possibility to make that update, both thru wifi or BlackBerry Link. But, as I chose "search for an update" thru my settings, I got the familiar "your OS is up-to-date" even though there should be an update to Same happens in BlackBerry Link. It says (in Finnish, which I translate here as following)

    "Software update

    Current software version:

    Check updates (then: after I click that and wait for some 15 seconds

    You have the latest available software version"

    So: what should I do to get the update? I won't format/empty my device and reinstall everything from scratch. It has to go some other way.

    What is your suggestion?
    02-26-17 02:42 AM
  2. crackbb10's Avatar
    Try out this: remove SIM, go on Wi-Fi and go to settings > software updates. Press the blue button "search for updates". Maybe this will work. Afterwards, you can put your SIM back in the phone. Don't do it while it is updating. I don't know if that will ruin something.
    02-28-17 08:40 AM

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