1. juicythellama's Avatar

    I just got a Blackberry-36E7 (

    I need to download wechat for work reasons and downloaded the apk from apkpure.

    However, after downloading it didn't allow me to login and directed me to a Google Play page.

    I also need Instagram, whatsapp, skype, google maps, and plenty other ones. None of the apks I have used have worked on the blackberry.

    Experienced BBUs, please let me know whether there are solutions to this.

    Much appreciated.
    06-02-18 03:15 PM
  2. brookie229's Avatar
    If you need/want that selection of apps, I'm sorry to tell you that you have the wrong device. First off, WeChat will no longer work at all no matter which apk you use (hopefully someone can prove me wrong), and for all the others you will need severe workarounds or use mobile web versions. You might want to check out a new offering in BBW called Maps for Google (not sure how well it works).

    For WhatsApp: You can download it from here,


    Just ignore the warning and tap outside the warning box then install WA Fixer from BBW


    You will need an SD card in your device for this to work.

    Sorry not sure about Skype anymore. The last time I had it installed was from Amazon App Store (ages ago) and it chewed through my battery so I deleted it.

    For Instagram there are several clients in BBW that may work well enough for you (or maybe not - iGrann, Inst10, etc.)
    06-02-18 03:53 PM

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