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    Is there a way to mass delete emails? To clean out the whole file at once?

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    03-09-16 01:58 PM
  2. pjroeseler's Avatar
    On a Q10, forgot that. Thanks

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    03-09-16 01:59 PM
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    Is there a way to mass delete emails? To clean out the whole file at once?

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    If you are not selective about which emails you are keeping on your phone then just reduce the sync time. Two finger swipe down from the top to access phone settings... tap accounts... select your email... swipe up... find sync timeframe and reduce to something manageable.

    If you want to be selective about what you're deleting then from the hub long press any email you want to delete... a sidebar of options will appear... swipe up on it to reveal and tap"select more". Tap the addition emails you want to delete. When you've completed your selection tap the 3 dots on the bottom right to delete.

    You'll see also options to upon long pressing an email to delete all prior, search by sender, etc to help you sort through your mail.

    Hope it helps.
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    03-09-16 10:04 PM
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    Yes! Just what I needed. Thanks

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    03-18-16 03:21 AM
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    You're welcome.
    03-18-16 03:37 AM

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