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    So I'm currently using a BlackBerry Q5 running 10.2.1 Official OS. My question for all is simply.

    When I download a game from BlackBerry World. It obviously fits my Q5 device and if it doesn't it would not be displayed there.

    But when OS 10.3.1 comes out for my Q5 and the Amazon App store is available. Will all the apps on there work on my Q5 or will only apps that are compatible with my Q5 device be displayed?

    Hopefully I'm making sence here, thanks very much for all the help in advance

    Posted via BlackBerry Q5 SQR100-2
    08-22-14 01:39 PM
  2. pttptppt's Avatar
    The Amazon apps are just like any other android apps. If they didn't fit before or don't work, then they wont work now either (unless updated android runtime update fixed whatever issue that app had). Most android apps will work because they're made for many different size phones. So odds are the app will work with your q5
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    08-22-14 02:12 PM

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