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    So I dropped my passport in the water when launching my boat. Placed a craigslist ad looking to buy a damaged phone so I could extract the parts needed from it. Turns out it was too badly damaged to use anything really. Ended up buying 2 phones off Craigslist (one with screen damage, and the other with a broken charging port). So basically I took the motherboard and inner back plastic housing with the IMIE# from the phone with the damaged screen and made a working phone. All was great until an hour later when I hooked the phone up to the computer (iMac) and used Blackberry Link to restore factory settings. It rebooted the phone to where it asks for English, ...WIFI...BBID.
    Who's BBID do I need? The one from the phone I used just the motherboard? Or the one that originally had the broken charging port which is a majority of the phone.

    Both previous owners are the original owners and been very trusting and have given me their BBIDs and passwords, I can log into both of their accounts online and both assure me those are the only email addresses they ever associated with their phones.

    Sooo. Sounds like I'm kinda SOL... Unless maybe I can call customer support for $35 while the original owner of one or both of these phones is with me?

    Do you have to pay before just to connect with someone to tell them what the issue is or can I ask first if it's even possible? I'd hate pay $35 and be told there's nothing they can do. If I am in fact with the original owner of the IMIE when I call do you think this something they would be able to remedy?

    Thanks in advance if someone knows the answer!
    07-13-16 01:31 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Brains.... it's the phone you got the brains from (chipset) that is the important one. If that owner gave you all their info... log onto their BlackBerry account and remove that phone from BlackBerry Protect. Then you should be able to use your BBID with the phone.

    But no I wouldn't call BlackBerry about a Frankenstein monster of a phone... or I wouldn't mention any of that too them.
    07-13-16 07:18 AM
  3. Go Fish's Avatar
    Mmmm Brrrrains
    Ok so I took your advice, thanks for that info! I logged into both their accounts and deleted the Passports on "protect.blackberry.com". The account the chipset came from had only one Passport associated, he now has a new one so I may have deleted his new phone. Oops! The PIN didn't match so I should've known.
    He says it may be because he deleted the phone off his Blackberry Link account on his computer? Do I need to get him to add the phone back onto the Link account on his computer (if that's even possible) so I can then go back to "protect.blackberry.com" and remove the device from there instead?

    Frankenstein is right, I won't tell them. As of right now I don't even wanna waste the $35 unless I know they can help.
    07-13-16 12:58 PM
  4. raino's Avatar
    Link is just a local pairing, it shouldn't make a difference under BB Protect.

    The person should install BB Protect on their new Passport and if it isn't showing up as an added device, add it. It's a no-brainer (context pun intended) to have BB Protect on the phone in case it gets lost, stolen, etc.
    07-13-16 07:23 PM
  5. Go Fish's Avatar
    So I placed a call to the 1-877 customer support number yesterday. You can actually get through to speak with someone without giving them a credit card #. Assuming if they need to transfer you to tech support is when you would have to pay.
    Anyways the lady was from overseas, very pleasant. I told her my situation, and said if I tell her the BBID I have been trying to input is the correct one would she be able to tell me if at least I was correct? And apparently they won't even answer that. Good to know if you want a phone that can't be stolen and used again. Bad for me because now being persistent with the guy I bought it from (the phone the chipset came from) asking "Are you sure you're the original user? Original owner? And the truth came out. He bought the phone as new, barely used from a guy off craigslist. I've asked if there's anyway for him to get a hold of that guy and ask him to remove the device from "protect.blackberry.com" no luck yet.
    Might have yet another brick

    Thanks for the help above anyway

    And original question somewhat answered
    07-15-16 12:53 AM

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