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    First off i thought my phone was coming from within the uk so i wouldnt have to pay any extreme charges so that annoyed me when i found out it was coming from Slovakia. I bought two phones with the 30 day money back guarantee im entitled to send one back as i hadn;t used it just wanted to see which one felt comfier to use in my hand. So ive been trying to send it back now for the past 2 weeks almost and get the information i need to do so and they are making it so hard for me! The instructions are so vague and confusing being sent so many emails and being told print this one off etc. Within one it said to print off an attached sheet and put it in my return package, well there is no attached sheet to that email! I must have emailed them 3 or 4 times asking for someone to give clearer instructions and long waiting for responses and getting the same vague stuff over and over. Then i also got told i would be sent an e-label so i dont have to pay for return and it would come soon well its been over a week and still nothing and in mean time ive asked and asked and then i get told i will have to pay for returning it now! Im now sick of even bothering and think im being messed around on purpose so i cant return the item. Been doing this all through email because i have struggles using the phone but i am so livid and i dont know what to do now. Why cant someone just tell me straight forward which email it is i need to print out and get that e-label like they said they would and not have it delaying by tons of days when i am coming close to running over the guarantee!
    12-17-15 05:40 AM
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    I am not reading that, it hurts my eyes. Paragraphs are your friend.
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    12-17-15 07:55 AM

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