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    Hey guys.

    Quite a specific problem, and a quick results search showed nothing - but sorry if this has come up before.

    I have a BB Curve 8520 which has recently had a weird problem: I can make calls in some locations (e.g. at my workplace) but not in others (e.g. at home) - even though the device shows full signal.

    It seems to be that with GPRS signal, I can call, text, receive emails fine. With EDGE signal, I can't receive or make calls ("Call Failed") and I can't receive or send texts (red clock appears, and eventually a red cross appears and says "Retries Exceeded"). Weirdly, though, I still get emails, even though I can't make calls, and even when not connected to WiFi.

    I have had this phone for some time, and confirmed that it's not blocked with the network (i.e. stolen), and it is not network locked (as I said, I can generally make calls fine). I have done a full wipe and re-install of the OS. I have tried re-registering the device through the host routing table; when I do this (including in an EDGE signal), the message goes through fine, but the problem persists. I've also tried switching network to another provider briefly, but again, no joy.

    I am thinking that most likely problem is a component problem with the aerial the deals with Edge reception (ie "get a new BB") but wondered whether there was any work-around - like manually selecting GSM instead of EDGE when this problem occurs...

    Thanks for your help, folks.

    07-16-14 01:37 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Try BlackBerry Virtual Expert to diagnose for any hardware issues...

    BlackBerry Virtual Expert - BlackBerry World

    Also you might try a send service books......

    Go to the Setup icon, sign on, then press the BB button, then Service Books, then Send Service Books.
    07-22-14 09:04 AM

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