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    Has anyone tried taking a verizon z30 or z10 and running it on cricket? I'm tired of verizon not taking care of BlackBerry owners. I know att&t has less than desirable coverage in my area, namely right where my house is. I don't really want to buy a new phone just to test them but I'd go sign up for a month and put a sim in one of my already owned phones to see how it goes if it even seems likely to work. I WANT to get away from Verizon but I gotta have a phone that works. I NEED to be able to at least make calls and send texts. The cricket rep claims it would work but ya know those folks want to sell you something so I'm asking for real world experience. Thanks in advance

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    10-11-16 03:36 PM
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    Why not try trufone? They are pay-as-you-go. Get a $10 card and if service is not good enough for you, it's only a month and contract free.

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    10-11-16 03:52 PM
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    The idea is to see if att is gonna be worth a crap in my area. That's why I'm checking out cricket. They are essentially att pay as you go.

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    10-11-16 06:48 PM
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    Post a link for the cricket pay-as-you-go plan. I would like to compare rates.

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    10-11-16 06:55 PM
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    10-11-16 08:17 PM

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