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    So I bought a Pebble in March and for a while after a mess getting it working (was an older model and would not update) it worked fine for about 6 weeks. Screen began to break up the information on screen so that it because unreadable. Took it back to Best Buy who replaced it no problem. However the same problem has arisen with the replacement. Thought I would let Pebble know. They have to be the most frustrating people have deal with. 4 emails in various formats back and forth before they would accept the complaint. They asked for pictures of the problem and a picture of the back of the watch. Did that but as the Z30 didn't take a readable picture of the serial number, even though I typed it. Not good enough. Got out my Canon great readable picture. Sent it back rejected because I did not resupply the case number. I sent it back on the same thread. The information was all there. They suggested that I stick a post it note on the same picture of the back of the screen. That's 3 sets of identical information. Wondering what they will reject it for this time.../. If there was another watch option I would willing look at it. The concept is good and the price is real but I suspect there is an issue with the watch. 3 replacements in 4 months is not o good sign.

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    06-12-15 03:44 PM
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    Sorry for the typos. I will claim age as a defence! Damn Z30!

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    06-12-15 03:53 PM

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