1. girinath's Avatar
    Is new article or message comes it shows in the blackberry hub. Is it possible for CrackBerry new articles and contests to directly notify me when it arrives???
    Thank you

    Posted via CB10
    09-04-14 09:41 AM
  2. shorski's Avatar
    No, Crackberry App does not work with the hub.

    You can only get notifications if you leave the app open and the notifications is limited. You can get notifications for Articles and Threads that you participate in.

    How do you enable this?

    1.Open the CB10 app
    2.Swipe down from top to reveal settings
    3.Go to General settings and you will see options for Notifications and unread
    4.Enabled for Articles
    5. Then choose for the forums either for all the threads or the ones you participated in

    Then anytime a new comment and article drops as you have set, you will get notified with a sound.

    For the sound, Go to Settings app on your device and go to notifications.
    From there, scroll down to applications and scroll down to view CB10. Open it and set your sound.

    Remember, you have to leave the app open for you to get notified by sound.
    09-04-14 10:28 AM
  3. girinath's Avatar
    That's not good. Hope they update it soon. Anyway thanks for fast reply..

    Posted via CB10
    09-04-14 10:31 AM

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