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    Proud and famous Passport user.

    Since the kickoff of BB10 I owned the Q10, Z30 and the Passport for nearly two years!!!

    I am still thinking about what to do in 2017.

    I am a happy camper with my passport and it is very hard for me, to think about a new phone.

    The passport is German design, premium quality, it is unique and I am so productive. It is so intelligent, the shortcuts and the many situations it saved me in comparission with one of those millions glass slabs.

    As we know Facebook is not anymore. I have no po problem toncheck it out on the browser.

    But Whatsapp?? Inhale been more and more involved in groups and everybody is contacting you via whatsapp.

    I don't wanna buy a new phone because of this.

    What is your strategy? I am talking only to BB Fans who love their devices. Negative people can skip reading.

    Unthought about the Priv. But it is Android. BB10 is superior and comfortable to my needs. Though it has the best VPK and the real keyboard.

    I am afraid no one of my contact will download BBM. I am really thinking about. People can contact me via SMS or BBM. I don't care about whatsapp group anyway.

    On the other side I am realistic and would buy an iPhone. But I am an individualistic person. I hate wearing the same stuff, the masses have. iPhone is boring.

    The fact about the duopol makes me nervous.

    So trusted BB Fans? what is your strategy? I love my passport. It is white and I am even considering buying the silver edition.

    Help me out
    10-16-16 03:27 AM
  2. antipaticu's Avatar
    I already started using Android whatsapp, it's working fine until now, sometimes I don't see notifications if I don't open it, maybe I will find a way to solve this issue. Facebook goes by browser or Face10, good enough. If things will get worse, I will buy a Dtek60 and start using Android,, though I would like to keep my Passport in 2017 as well.

    Posted via CB10
    10-16-16 04:11 AM

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