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    copy a pdf to notes
    06-12-16 11:04 PM
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    as far as i can tell, it depends if the document is a .pdf original or a "scan to .pdf" - because in a scanned document, it's a photo with no real access to the text within that photo

    however, i have the adobe acrobat reader app on my Priv and it has a "getting started" .pdf file - i opened the file, and copied the text from within it, then pasted it into a note

    copy and pasting on priv-screenshot_20160612-230622.jpg

    or maybe you want to attach the entire .pdf file to a note? if that is the case, then no, the BlackBerry Notes application does not seem to have that option, but the "one note" app from microsoft seems to have the option of attaching a .pdf file to a note - at least when you try to share a .pdf file, it has the option of being shared with "one note" - as it is in the list of shareable apps, whereas the BlackBerry Notes app does not appear in the same shareable app list
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    06-13-16 12:08 AM

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