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    I used the content transfer app to backup my priv yesterday, but it was taking exceedingly long and I had places to be so I stopped the transfer while it was transferring my music over (I'm pretty sure it was taking music off of my SD card because that's where it all is so I didn't need it backed up). I wiped my phone and did an OS reload to fix some issues and now I'm attempting to restore my old data but the Content Transfer app keeps getting stuff "Transferring..." and the description says "Your previous device is transferring your data to Google Drive". What is odd about this is that it fully acknowledged that there was back up data on my google drive and allowed me to select it to restore, and then goes to this screen and nothing is happening, looking to find out what I can do to get my data back (as you all know this process is already extremely long so any help soon would be greatly appreciated).
    11-12-16 06:13 PM

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