1. sewnut's Avatar
    To start, I am a 15 year BlackBerry user. Once upon a time the contact file was resident on the contents device. It worked, it was configurable and contacts were not lost.
    I am continually having problems with the contacts on BB10 devices. Addresses disappear, names disappear, names duplicate themselves, it is wholly unreliable.
    What I have seen is that once a contact category is added (even inadvertently) the contact list becomes unstable. Example. Facebook contacts seem to rise as the priority contact card, and I do not care about the Facebook profiles. So I deleted the Facebook contact set, and then anyone who had a Facebook profile, linked or unlinked, was deleted.. All profiles were lost.
    I decided to start saving the actual addresses as a note in the contact since they keep disappearing. I have noticed that when a contact makes any change to information (like name or email) on a linked profile category,it overwrites all profile details.
    Suffice to say.. I keep losing important address details for people and even my sister is tired of giving me her address!!!!! Other than my old handwritten address book ...is there a reliable tool for keeping contacts THAT DOES NOT update itself?
    Help please!!!!
    11-24-15 10:25 PM
  2. Yvon Dionne's Avatar
    Same thing has been happening to me. I have a Z30. Still looking for help.
    02-29-16 06:27 AM

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