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    I'm one of those people who have the wi-fi problem. Most of the time I can't connect to my network etc. But i just noticed that even when I can connect, only some apps work. For example, I'm connected now and can use CB perfectly, as well as the browser. However, EX Currency converter, BlackBerry World (There is a connection problem. BlackBerry World must now close.) and Facebook do not.

    Why is this and how can I fix this? I also noticed for a long time that I can barely ever use my phone while on the network. I always assumed that it was my network that was bad (I live in Indonesia) but in lieu of other connection problems I'm starting to think that it's just my phone.

    It doesn't really matter too much for me anymore because I've kind of given up on this phone and don't really use it as much anymore, but still...

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    07-05-14 11:17 PM
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    Please tell us a little more, what's your OS etc. I am not experiencing this

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    07-05-14 11:26 PM
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    I'm on And my Z10 is slightly over a year old. I might have had the problem since before though...

    I just confirmed the network thing because I was in the car with my cousin and he was streaming videos on his S5 in HD and I couldn't use Crackberry or BlackBerry World. We have the same provider and similar plans.

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    07-07-14 01:07 AM

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