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    Hello I'm new to the world of blackberry. I just recently replaced my LG V10 with a BlackBerry Passport (silver edition). On my V10 I was able to use a SanDisk 32gb flash drive (it has the micro flash on one side and a regular sized plug on the other, picture of the device is included) but I find that I can't seem to get my Passport to register the device as a storage unit. Any ideas? Is this possible somehow? Thanks!
    Connecting blackberry passport to SanDisk flashdrive-img_20161017_014735.jpg
    Connecting blackberry passport to SanDisk flashdrive-img_20161017_014748.jpg
    Connecting blackberry passport to SanDisk flashdrive-img_20161017_014804.jpg

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    10-17-16 04:48 AM
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    This may help...

    Settings....network and connection......USB.....ensure that USB is"disabled"

    Open file manager....press the 3 horizontal bars bottom left.....select your directory


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    10-17-16 08:12 AM
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    I guess I just have to restart my device while the driver is in for it to be able to be read. I read on one of these forums it has something to do with the brand of USB I have. Thank you!

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