1. exselit's Avatar
    Good afternoon everyone.

    I'm a newbie on BES 10 and need to ask a couple of questions on MDM.
    Some basic info first, I have a BES 10 server (version installed to a separate physical server to our Exchange 2010 server, and I've got 18 handsets which are a mix of Z30's and Q10's.

    We bought the BES because we were told that the device management capabilities were better than anything else on the market for BBY10 devices.

    I was told at a BBY MDM seminar I could do Geofencing, which would enable me to prevent usage of some of the handsets if taken out of the UK, and to set limits on the amount of data usage on other handsets.

    I've searched high and low, but cannot see how to implement any of this functionality on the new BES 10.
    Any pointers on how to implement this would be gratefully received.

    08-11-14 08:33 AM
  2. jpvj's Avatar
    I just doublecheked the BES 10.2.3 policy settings reference for geofencing in BES 10.2.3 and there are no such settings.

    BlackBerry OS 10.2 or later contains geofencing API. As far as I remember also a trigger for this functionality, but it has not been combined with any settings from BES 10 (yet).

    Either you have been misinformed or you misunderstood what was said (like mixing up geofencing API and MDM capabilities).

    BES 12 are soon open to both EA and beta programs, so we will soon learn if BES 12/OS 10.3.x will add this feature.
    08-11-14 08:57 AM

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