1. bekkalindsay's Avatar
    I loved my curve 8900. I'd love to purchase one and use it again but AT&T recently shut off their 2g towers. Is there another blackberry comparable to the 8900 that will run on AT&T 3g network? P.s., I loved the curve keyboard, didn't care as much for the bold, etc..but if that's my only option I'll deal.
    06-19-17 10:58 AM
  2. midorii's Avatar
    I used my Blackberry Curve 9300 from 2010 up until a week ago, and had been really happy with it. Mine runs on the AT&T 3g network, and seems to be the phone that came immediately after the 8900--- when I walked into the store, the 8900 had caught my eye, but when I came back a few weeks later to actually buy it, the 8900's were gone and the 9300's were in place.

    I did notice as time progressed, several Google apps for Blackberry were removed from the market, like Google Voice or Google Maps. I was able to get Google Maps on my phone, but if I ever needed to wipe it, I wouldn't have been able to reinstall it. So if those sorts of apps are important to you, you might look for something more current. The camera is also only a 2megapixel camera, so my cellphone pics compared very poorly with those taken by more modern phones.
    06-25-17 06:18 PM

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