11-18-20 06:59 AM
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  1. conite's Avatar
    OP was looking for PlayStore for his Passport SE. I installed in mine following the link I provided and works great. The battery drainage is minimal.

    I personally prefer the added security of PlaySore than using Yalp.

    That's my choice.
    There is no added security. They both obtain apps from the identical source.

    One just uses far more resources than the other. That's it.
    11-17-20 03:56 PM
  2. John EC1's Avatar
    Hi mate. I followed the advice from Conite and have the Play store no problems. As someone said not all apps will work. As an example I downloaded the Prime Video app. It looks OK, loads etc and you can see all the content. However hit play and 'your device cannot play this content' or similar is displayed. On a positive note there are a ton of apps. I'm just going to download a couple like CNN and the BBC and see what happens.
    'What's working now' for BB10 might be a good thread if someone is really trying to get every last minute out of every last app.
    11-18-20 06:59 AM
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