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    Hi, I've been pondering about this for the past year ever since the Classic was announced (then called the Q20) in Feb, 2014. I've done my research, I've read points for and against getting the Classic, and I'm now ready to retire my iPhone for good and get a new phone.

    My first BB was an 8700c a decade ago and why I got it at the time was because of the keyboard, good reception and customization. Ever since I haven't cared about anything else. Fast forward to somewhere in 2011 when I let go of my 9900 to buy an iPhone, a decision I don't regret. I was fed up with RIM/BB moving in a direction I didn't like. I endured the half-baked SurePress tech in the original Storm, I batted an eye when the Curve 8900 didn't have 3G, and I almost gave up when BB7 stripped off important customization options including themes. I finally grew tired of the constant battery pulls I had to perform on my 9900 and ditched BB for good.

    That's how familiar I am with BB, but everything that's happened between the 9900 and now is something I know little about. I've been following the development of BBX, I mean BB10, and I have to say with the Classic I may be interested again in trying out a BB. So my first question is: how hard is it going to be for someone accustomed to BB7 to get used to BB10? And while my iPhone has very little customization options on its own, I still wonder if BB10 has anything more in regards to customization. Does it? Finally, despite the smaller trackpad (that won't light up) and the nonremovable battery, would you still recommend the Classic to a diehard?

    Before you answer let me say what I have on my mind:

    1. I understand that BB10 is a ground up different OS. However, in regards to moving from BB7 to BB10, I'm specifically asking about the Classic: are the shortcuts and trackpad navigation as simple and natural as on the older OS? I'd prefer a response from someone who recently made the switch to the Classic from a 9900 or older BB.

    2. Customization is very important to me because it allows me to be more productive. My iPhone has very little customization options. BB7 has very little customization options. What about BB10? I understand that there are no themes any longer, which is a shame because some themes for BB6 and older OS added new features that made sense from a productivity perspective. My iPhone sort of has that with Notification Center and widgets, but I want wider customization. Is my only option to go to Android?

    3. I don't really care how long a battery lasts nowadays. With my use, no phone has ever been enough for a full day's use. I should mention I had the BlackBerry Passport for 3,5 weeks and I'd kill the battery from 100% to 0% in 8 hours. I have 10 email accounts that I manage daily and I need social media (Twitter, Facebook, Yammer) for my work, and I clip notes from webpages. This means I'm 100% of the time doing something on my phone. It's hard to believe, but I can pull off 8 hours on my iPhone with my same daily battery killing activities, so this leads me to believe BB10 is not very efficient because the battery in the Passport is obviously larger. Also consider that batteries decline in capacity over time so how hard would it be to replace the battery on the Classic, etc. This is why I like removable batteries since I can be offline only for a few minutes as I boot up with a freshly charged battery and kill it in the next 8 hours until I can change the battery again with yet another one.

    Thank you for the help I'm looking forward to reading any thoughts you might have. I'm ready to pull the trigger but not quite 100% sure.
    01-23-15 12:57 PM
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    Did you monitor what killed the battery so fast on the Passport? With 10 emails I'd expect PIM services due to a poor server connection or incorrect mailbox settings.

    Killing it in 8hrs is very suspicious, since you can loop an HD video on the passport nonstop and get 8 hours solid battery life.

    I get 34+ hours on mine of medium/heavy use.

    Posted in CB10 from my amazing Passport
    01-23-15 01:14 PM
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    Hello, I'm the OP. The reason Passport battery was easily killed is because of Android runtime that is necessary for the apps I use (e.g. Yammer and Skype). Facebook for BlackBerry 10 is also very bad and there is no Facebook Messenger for BlackBerry 10, so both apps were Android apps on the Passport. Android runtime would run 100% of the time and I'd have constantly 3-4 Android apps running at a time. This kills the battery easily, it is after all a "virtualized Android OS" running on top of BB10. On my iPhone all apps were native, which is why the battery life is so comparable as Passport had to work with the overhead of the Android runtime.

    I'm never in a poor connection. Always in 4G LTE at 100% stable connection / "full bars". I never use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so all unnecessary connections were turned off. As long as app situation on BB10 remains sporadic, I must rely on the Amazon Appstore and Android apps, which introduce overhead, which reduces battery life. This is why it's extremely important for me to have a removable battery.

    One question I left out is (and I prefer again a 9900 convert to tell me): would you say the Classic trackpad is as good at making selections as the one on the 9900? It's smaller and I wonder because for my work I have to make a lot of text selection, if the trackpad would be any good. On my iPhone it seems Apple has perfected selecting exactly what I need that I have pointed under my finger. On Passport I never had reliable text selection, so I must resort to trackpad.

    Thank you again for your time.
    01-23-15 01:59 PM
  4. iVishous's Avatar
    I have the blackberry classic trackpad works just as good as previous versions.

    P.S it does have weight to it though

    Posted via CB10
    01-04-17 04:59 PM

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