1. yasir_savanur's Avatar
    Does it matter at all? My BlackBerry Q5 charger stopped working for weird reasons. Can I charge it with 8520 charger? It looks okay to me since the output amperage is 750 mA. And the new Q5 charger reads 850 mA. That means it's just gonna charge slowly right? Not affecting my battery life, is it?

    Posted via CB10
    08-07-14 07:50 AM
  2. AmritD's Avatar
    The weird thing is, my phone charges with the 8520 charger (I love those long chargers) but when I charge it with the 9220 charger, it always says, connect the charger which came with the device.
    08-07-14 08:05 AM
  3. ibpluto's Avatar
    Will work perfectly fine. You may get a message that using the charger it came with will charge it faster, but other wise it will work.

    CB10'n it via da Z...30
    08-07-14 08:07 AM
  4. yasir_savanur's Avatar
    Thanks a lot

    Posted via CB10
    08-07-14 08:28 AM

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