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    It's finally time for my first smartphone. I don't want to give up my old stupid Nokia, but time changes and I WILL need a smartphone. Looking around at what is available, I instantly fell in love with Blackberry Classic - the BB OS is easy to understand for me and I love the keyboard. However, before I make a final decision, I collect all possible information. Lot of my questions were cleared by reading this amazing forums, but there is one I haven't seen answered yet.
    The thing is, I travel to different countries quite often. I found out it's easier and cheaper to get local Pay as you go SIM for local data and some basic texts (I don't call internationally), as my country's data roaming plans are terribly expensive.
    I already found out that I can have two (and possibly more) numbers on BBID, but my question is about the hub system - will my emails and instant messages stay on the device regardless of how I switch the SIM or are they tied to the SIM? And what about texts, I presume the texts are tied to the SIM (and that is not a problem for me, I just want to know).
    Thanks for your answers.
    08-21-16 05:18 AM
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    All your information is on the phone not the Sim card. You can disable all networking, and use WiFi and access your email from your phone. In regards to switching Sim cards it's not a problem at all, the only thing you should find out is if data is included in your phone plan, if not you won't be able to access your emails unless you have WiFi.
    08-21-16 05:27 AM
  3. Tess_cz's Avatar
    Thanks so much, that's good news. I am reluctant with geting data plan, as the area where I live is quite well covered with free WiFi, but I guess once I get used to smartphone, free WiFi will not be enough. Data on the other SIMs, the ones I would use abroad, will be something different. They work well, a friend used that option on their Samsung (but that has Android, so I wanted to know how BBOS works - and now I do )
    08-21-16 06:13 AM
  4. spARTacus's Avatar
    As long as you setup your accounts and services (stuff in the hub) properly as OTA, they should endup no different than on how they would end up on a tablet that didn't have a cellular radio/SIM, since I think most of those would end up using your data, irregardless of the SIM. It might get weird if you end up with something specific for BlackBerry services\email over the carrier, not over normal data. However, I am not sure if any Blackberries even setup like that anymore. You might also run into idiosyncrasies with contacts if you don't pay attention and if you setup that to use local phone or SIM storage instead of tied to a cloud service. You might want to pay attention to how you set that up and use it when entering contacts.

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    08-21-16 07:54 AM

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