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    Blackberry Classic with

    I have a QWERTZ physical keyboard and three languages installed:
    French, English(US) and German, with default language being English.

    I have set QWERTY layout to be used in all languages. This should invert Y and Z.

    However, when I type in a number and the Universal Search Assistant pops up, the physical key y(7) does not dial 7 but puts in a Z!
    If I want to have a 7 dialed, I have to press the physical key Z (first row, center)

    Why? Is this a bug or what?

    Also, I cannot change "default layout" to QWERTY, it automatically switches back to QWERTZ every time I try.
    Another bug?

    Is there anything else than bugs in BB10?
    03-15-17 06:40 PM

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