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    I did the official AT&T update on my Classic. So far everything is working normal except a small, but for me...MAJOR change. I have 5 conferences per week and each have the same Dial-In number but different PassCode. BlackBerry use to be perfect for this, when placing the call in my calendar I would just select the Bridge I wanted.

    *Post the update all of my Bridges have been deleted for recurring calls. When I go to put them back in, I'm asked for a Dial-In, at least 4 digit Moderator code, and a Participant code. I am only the Moderator for 1 of every 5 calls, so I why does the default require a Mod and Participant code? It has really messed with my ability to dial in. Now I have to recall all the different PassCodes. Anyone know about this?

    Posted via CB10 with my AT&T Classic
    07-03-15 01:09 PM

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