1. Dale Turner1's Avatar
    So had my gorgeous z30 since May and I'm already up to my third flip case.

    Invested 30 odd quid on a Stilgut case, genuine leather, looked the part but within a week the plastic 'holster' decided to start to dis integrate until it got to the point of it being useless.

    Case two was a cheap, black generic wallet case. Same situation. This time after a little longer but still useless.

    Bought a third case two weeks ago, again another fairly cheap 'wallet'. This last merely days before the same holster started to chip away.

    Can anyone recommend something; a wallet, or vertical flip ideally that is going to last me longer than a week or so. Also has to I can get here in the UK.

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    12-12-15 06:49 PM
  2. playfoot's Avatar
    Realised you requested recommendations for cases. However, have you considered not using a case? I have both the Z30 and the Q, the Q being my preferred. I do not use a case for either of the phones for 99% of the time. When I do, I use the OEM leather pouch.

    Just a thought.
    12-12-15 06:57 PM
  3. TheBirdDog's Avatar
    I just ordered the official flip case cover but won't receive it until next week. Have you tried that one yet? Seems to be pretty slick as you swap the back cover for part of the case. Doesn't seem to add much for drop protection but it will keep that screen safe from scratches and look slick while doing it.
    12-12-15 07:01 PM
  4. Dale Turner1's Avatar
    Yeah I love the idea of using the 30 naked have generally used previous phones naked too. I started using a case though when I had my z10... Thought it was kind of a necessity as it was my first delve into the touch screen world.

    Also, I'm a full time chef; so keeping a phone naked in a steamy, greasy and at certain times a dirty environment is a no go if I want to keep my white z30 white.

    I always had problems with keeping the chips and usual knocks and scuffs off my older phone and thought anything I own that I've looked after in a case potentially has more re sale value if that's needed in the future.

    I'm not one for throwing the phone around, or doing extreme sports or stumbling around after a few beers where the case could be at risk. Think I've just had bad luck.

    I do like the idea of the blackberry branded cases but what turns me away is the necessity to remove the back case. Don't really want to have to carry the battery cover around with me and wouldn't want to be without it for if the time comes I needed it.

    I do use the phone naked around the house but am keen to find something that will take a few knocks, bend and flex a little and generally keep the crap away from my baby.

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    12-12-15 07:10 PM
  5. topj0lly's Avatar
    Have a look at Simon Pike woollen pouches, they add a bit of bulk but you're getting proper woollen felt and they have classy designed soft material insides. I use one for my Passport with velcro closing 15 from Amazon.

    Cases! Losing the will to live with cases!-simon-pike-huelle-handytasche-boston-11-elefantengrau-fuer-htc-one-m9-aus-wollfilz-491579973.jpeg

    Cases! Losing the will to live with cases!-simon-pike-huelle-handytasche-sidney-3-elefantengrau-fuer-phicomm-i803a-aus-wollfilz-485927541.jpeg

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    12-13-15 03:59 AM

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