1. jameboyy's Avatar
    I pre-ordered my K1 from Carphone Warehouse & am still yet to receive!! Despite the website stating the release was 5th May, I'm here w/out it. I went into store today (the store I'm collecting my preorder from) and the staff's knowledge and understanding of the situation was incredibly poor. Have contacted customer services through twitter and they state that it was always expected to be delivered on 6th.

    Makes no sense why they'd brand / publish it. Online for release on 5th , absolutely zero customers can purchase / receive the product until 6th?? Anyone else in the UK managed to get hold of one today?
    05-05-17 10:55 AM
  2. ray689's Avatar
    You chose to collect from store which is why I believe you are picking it up on the 6th rather then the 5th. I believe had you had it delivered directly to you rather then in store pickup, you would have received on the 5th. That is my understanding from reading in the threads.
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    05-05-17 11:02 AM

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