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  1. Ame11's Avatar
    Hi why can't I use this with Keyone Black Edition ?
    It works fine in a bb Torch 9800, and this was a recommended card.
    What s going on here friends?
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SD problems-30430.jpg  
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    05-11-18 09:03 AM
  2. Ame11's Avatar
    Right it seems all SD cards need formatting, not on your computer but on the device itself,at least if you have Keyone black.
    in poweramp you also need to un- install that and re-install as it doesn't find any card when you perform a scan.
    pain in the neck really, once it's done it seems to remember if you format as a 'portable' so hopefully this helps with this issue ok.
    05-11-18 03:39 PM

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