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    I have a Blackberry 9320 and I updated the OS using Blackberry desktop app. After doing so the BIS had gone and the set up wizard had gone to set up email and I couldnt use browser. i ahd backed up my data so I rstored to factory settings and I is still showing Enterprise activation and has a pin no and asking for an activation code. I tried the host routing table and sent a `register now` message but the table says no entries. I tried to reverse the changes and downgrade to original OS but still stuck with Enterprise server that wasnt there before the update. I was using BIS with no probnlem and only updated as it wasnt working very well and some sites I couldnt access so i thought I would do the update. i have tried everything now and cannot get rid of Enterprise activation which was not there before and on the service books the BIS which was there before now disappeared and Enterprise server appeared. I have another blackberry phone which is brand new a 9720 and I had unforately used the desktop app to reinstall my saved data onto this phone and now this ahs same Enterprsie Server on it. So it looks like boh hansets rendered useless. I tried phoning Blackberry who wont help as and keep getting passed backawars and forwards to Virgin who I have my data plan with (which is active along with a Blackberry pass). They say I have a valid data plan and its not there problem as they dont deal with Blackberry anymore.

    So angry this has happened due to the update and cannot work it out. I have no technical knoweldge and I did post on another thread but didnt get a reply I hope someone has some idea of what I can do. Thanks in advance
    09-14-17 02:18 PM

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