1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    So after the fiasco with BB link being broken by the latest iTunes update, I can't transfer music to my phone anymore.

    I deleted iTunes to get BB link to work again, but every time I try to drag and drop music from the folder to the phone, I have a circle with a line through it (the Do Not symbol), and then nothing happens.

    Can't drag music from the original folder, or from WMP.

    I tried using the phone as a mass storage device, and it just shows up as "Revmoveable deivce L". When trying to access it, it says "please insert drive" yada yada.

    Any way to get this to work?

    10-22-16 01:19 PM
  2. Heavens1's Avatar
    Maybe try dropping a few of your itunes files into your PC music folder to see if that works.

    If it does them copy those files onto your device.

    --Classic, 9700, Playbook, flip - posted using crackberry app --
    10-22-16 03:59 PM

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