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    I'm one of the few last holdouts for the Torch. I've been holding on to a new one for when my current phone finally gives out and that day is coming soon. I tried to switch phones so I updated my desktop software, backed up my current phone and then tried to switch data to the new 9810. Once the transfer was complete I couldn't get the new phone to work or even get back to the home page. All I can get is a list of apps and every time I hit the cursor while hovering over any app I get the message "ActivationService. closeActivationApp' not found. I can't get off this screen, can anyone help me? Thank you.
    03-14-15 07:52 AM
  2. Helomaniac's Avatar
    It sounds like this is a question for the Torch forum
    03-14-15 02:17 PM

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