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    Since the Instagram update i have been unable to send pictures. Please can anyone help out?

    Posted via CB10
    07-20-15 09:10 PM
  2. usmandennis's Avatar
    Here is the Screenshorts

    Posted via CB10
    07-20-15 09:11 PM
  3. usmandennis's Avatar
    Posted via CB10
    07-20-15 09:13 PM
  4. usmandennis's Avatar
    Posted via CB10
    07-20-15 09:18 PM
  5. JAS0NB0URNE's Avatar
    Don't see any screenshots....(not screenshorts)

    Posted with my  Classic
    07-20-15 09:37 PM
  6. usmandennis's Avatar
    Kk sorry my z30 is miss behaving i am a newbie i was tout how to take a Screenshorts which i did, but i want to attach it to my thread, when i taped on attach pictures the display screen goes dim as if it is going to fetch the pictures after a while it brighten up without the pictures. The message i get when i try to send pictures to Instagram is, "Instagram is not installed correctly on this phone due to lack of space. Please reinstall to be able to post content" and i have 6G memory space on my z30.

    Posted via CB10
    07-21-15 02:32 AM

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