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    I just switched to the Passport from the Q10, and email transition has not been glitch-free. I sync with Outlook.com, and I currently have 6 flagged emails. I can see them in the Remember app, but I also want to see them in the Hub, whether via a search or in the Priority Hub.

    I can't find a way to set up an appropriate rule in Priority Hub, and there is no option to search for flagged messages. Any ideas? I could see them in Priority Hub on my Q10.

    Second problem: I just set up a rule for Priority Hub using a specific Subject expression, but it's not working. I have a Contact form on my business website, and all inquiries get sent to my email address with the same Subject. So I want all emails that have this Subject to be in Priority Hub. Why is it not working?

    Posted by CB10 from my awesome Passport
    11-18-14 04:15 PM

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