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    I have just come out to make a call and noticed my phone contact number missing.

    Then I saw my cousin and in adding their phone number, found that I no-longer have the choice to save my contacts to my default email account.
    Then I went to my browser and found it no-longer opens in the PC site feature, found my email account closed, then I re-logged in both my home page account and my default email account.

    I found that even if I save my account to stay opened, it shuts immediately after closing the browser.

    I then went to my BB Hub to find that my default email account was missing, so I proceeded to re-establish it, but it is not being recognised through BlackBerry servers though it is recognised by my email account servers.

    So I would really like to know why am I getting this problem from BlackBerry with my default account not being able to login and be recognised.
    Why my phone is not able to keep my accounts logged-in.

    Please help, as this is my default account for all my important details.

    I feel like my BlackBerry Account has been hacked.

    11-01-14 01:00 PM
  2. jtv1's Avatar
    Could someone reply concerning this matter.

    I would like to add that when trying to login.
    My email account is being verified from the USA, when trying to add my default account.
    But if I login from any other of my link account. Their from the UK.

    I need to know whether I accept the USA Link, because this may be why I can't login, because my BlackBerry link is coming from the USA.

    I have never been told about this in all the years I have had my BlackBerry account.

    11-01-14 04:32 PM
  3. jtv1's Avatar
    Just now, my UK TV app for BBC is now not supported

    11-02-14 12:53 AM

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