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    I performed a security wipe on a spare z10 so I could give it to a family member while there phone is repaired. I went to do the restore on Link and it would let it load (not compatible!). The device being repaired is a Z30 but I thought maybe it was an OS issue. The z30 that was backed up was on 10.3.2. I was pretty certain my Z10 was too before the security wipe.
    After setting up the Z10 (which is unlocked) it would only update to (software release). I've tried with and without a sim card and I have tried OTA and BlackBerry Link.
    Can anyone think of something else I could try. The main issue is that the family member has a mismatch of contacts (some on device, some on imap I think a few on exchange account). So I can't just give the loaner as is. She needs all of those contacts at her finger tips and I can't restore with Link.
    Thanks in advance.

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    07-09-15 01:35 PM
  2. anon(9208252)'s Avatar
    Make sure you have the newest Blend downloaded it has extra drivers for BB link and seems to fix a lot.

    BlackBerry Blend ? Desktop Software for BlackBerry - Canada
    07-09-15 01:48 PM
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    Thank you for the idea. I did not realize that.

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    07-09-15 01:52 PM
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    Your Z10 was not on 10.3.2, because if it was, you could not be on 10.3.1 now. Once on 10.3.2, there is no way to go back to any prior OS regardless of method.

    07-09-15 01:57 PM
  5. BB10_fan1's Avatar
    Thanks Conite. The updated BlackBerry Blend ( with Link and drivers) did not help.
    So does this mean I can't get to 10.3.2 on my z10?

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    07-09-15 02:24 PM
  6. anon(9208252)'s Avatar
    You can load any Os you want via Auto loader, I would probably load the newest 2339
    07-09-15 02:27 PM

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