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    Hello all. I had wiped my Storm, and had to do a reauthenticate. The last time this happened, I found wonderful advice here about why I couldn't edit my contacts anymore. I had deleted all the messenger apps, and then I was all set.

    Now, I can't seem to delete them! They were hidden, so I unhid them. They were in the "Instant Messaging" folder, so I moved them to the apps folder. Still no joy. I've tried to do it through the desktop software, and also through Options > Applications. They just don't show up anywhere, so I can't delete them.

    Argh. Any help?

    BB is a Storm 9550, running Application version
    08-20-14 09:25 AM
  2. acter's Avatar
    Oh, heck. I had logged in, but it didn't take. So it is not showing me as the poster. But it is. Me, that is.
    08-20-14 09:29 AM

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