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    Hi, I've a Z10 and I'm trying to send a text message to somebody but cannot because the phone in changing the number on me. I'm traveling internationally. So when I'm in the US I of course have to send the texts with the appropriate country code. However, now I'm in the country and don't need to do so. For these instances I've saved the number both ways (with and without), so I can just select what I need. However, even though I'm selecting the correct number a text is coming back saying that the following number (ALL THE sudden it shows the one with the country code) cannot be delivered what I understand. I even tried typing the number manually and again the phone is changing on me. I even deleted the number with the country code from my contact list and it still does the same thing. So there has to be some memory or general setting???

    PLEASE help, I need to be able to work with the phone.
    07-05-14 03:52 AM
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    When you send a text message it has to use the country code. Even if you are in the same country. For instance in the US I have my numbers all set up with out the 1 in front of it. But in phone settings> smart dialing it automatically puts the correct country code in front of the number. Maybe try turning that option off.

    cannot send text bcs of number change-img_20140705_100550.png

    Posted from my awesome Q10
    07-05-14 11:06 AM

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